Religious Teachings

Reverend Moon’s teachings address the fundamental questions of existence: Where do human beings come from? How were we created and with what purpose? Is there a Supreme Creator, and if so, what is God’s nature and why did He create human beings? If there is a purpose to human life, how can it be fulfilled? Why is there evil and from where did it come? If God is good, what has He been doing to end human suffering and what is His will for humankind today?

As a Korean Christian, Reverend Moon first presented his teachings to reach out to his fellow Christians. Later, as his mission expanded worldwide, the same teachings were formulated for people of all faiths as the “Unification Principle.” These teachings are presented in two forms: Divine Principle, the teachings based on the Judeo-Christian scriptures, and the Unification Principle, the teachings presented for people of all faiths and backgrounds. The basic elements of Sun Myung Moon’s teaching have not changed since they were written down as the Divine Principle, in collaboration with Hyowon Eu, in the early 1950s (now Exposition of the Divine Principle)dpcover larger Scholars note that the teaching in the Divine Principle, while basically an interpretation of the Bible and Judeo-Christian history, also incorporates elements of Confucianism, which formed the background for Reverend Moon’s early education. One of the most fundamental concepts in the Divine Principle its interpretation of Genesis 1:28, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth,” as constituting Three Blessings. The Three Blessings represent God’s command to all human beings:

  1. To grow to a healthy maturity in body and spirit, where the body and spirit are integrated in mutual benefit and live in relation to the Creator, God, and for the sake of others;
  2. To establish an ideal family and expand that true family love to all levels of society, again always in relation to the Creator, God; and
  3. To maintain responsible stewardship of the earth and all of nature, and live a joyful and abundant physical life in preparation for an even more fantastic joy and abundance in eternal spiritual life.

Reverend Moon always used a blackboard when he preached, using many diagrams and charts to illustrate the relationships between the elements in his teachings. You can also watch period DP lectures in English on Vimeo: Click here for the DP lectures

Principle of Creation

In addition to teaching about the Three Blessings, the Principle of Creation teaches that everything in the universe has paired attributes. The first set of equally valued and complementary pairs of attributes can be expresses as male and female in the case of people and animals, positive and negative in the case of electricity and elemental particles, yin and yang as expressed in oriental philosophies, and so on. Reciprocal give and take between these pairs is essential to life, survival and growth. A second set of characteristics that everything in creation has is an internal character and an external form or manifestation. In people, this is often expressed as the spirit and the body. In animals, it may be called instinct and body. Even the smallest elements in the universe, protons and electrons, possess an inner “directive,” or purpose, that defines and guides it. Nothing in creation acts randomly. When God created, he endowed everything with an inner “identity” that manifests itself in a form that corresponds to its unique purpose.

God as Original Parent

The Divine Principle also concludes that God, as the Parent, Origin and Creator of everything, likewise reflects the same structure, attributes and dynamics. (God creates in a way consistent with God’s self). Thus, God should properly be understood as the perfect union of male and female (Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother), that is the wellspring of perfect love, namely parental love for all persons, and for everything. Likewise, God has an internal and external reality. God is eternal and omnipresent; thus God’s self is not physically visible. It is comprised of, or is, energy. God’s internal self, like that of humanity, is mind, conscience, and the impulse to love and exist for the sake of the other. With this understanding, people are special in creation. They are God’s children, created to exist in a loving relationship with Him; receiving love, and returning love, to God. Human beings resemble God more completely than anything else created. The Divine Principle goes so far as to say that God can dwell fully and perfectly in an ideal human being, and in fact only in this incarnate. This being the case, God endowed human beings with creativity—the ability to make something new. This, too, is unique to human beings. The freedom with which God endowed human beings is genuine. It can be used in whatever way they choose. This is the only way a love relationship is possible. One must be able to choose freely, and make their own decisions. Full qualification to be God’s children who can grow up to have value equal to God requires that human beings possess free will in making choices so as to allow them to complete their own maturity. This also entails that God self-limits his power to control humanity. God cannot force this maturity or make people robot-like. These decisions rest with each person.

The Human Fall

Throughout history, men and women have used their God-given freedom more for ill than for good due to spiritual ignorance and the results of the human fall. Jealousy, hatred and the evils of licentiousness, infidelity and violence defile the human character. This abusive and self-destructive bent is referred to in the Divine Principle as fallen nature, a departure from the original (God-given) nature with which humans were originally created. It arose as a consequence of the biblical Fall of Man, when the first human ancestors Adam and Eve transgressed God’s commandment. But unlike traditional Christian doctrine, Divine Principle does not regard disobedience per se as the cause of Original Sin. It was rather what specific act Adam and Eve committed in their disobedience that trapped their descendants (all humanity) in a disordered and corrupt blood relationship with Satan and put a lasting stain on the human soul. Reverend Moon explains that original transgression was fornication, and the meaning of the commandment “do not eat” as a prohibition of sexual relations outside the sphere of God’s permission, which means immaturity. Adam and Eve engaged in a sexual relationship before they achieved spiritual maturity, before they were completely united with God in love. Eve was seduced by the archangel Lucifer, or Satan. By their illicit love the archangel claimed rights over her and transmitted to her his nature of rebellion, jealousy and fear. Eve then seduced Adam, thus making Satan the parent of their love, rather than God. As a consequence, Satan could claim their children as belonging to his blood lineage. God was plunged into grief, as he saw humanity, who were purposed to be His children, defiled and taken from him.

The way of restoration

World Scriptures world scripturesIn order make the original ideal of creation possible, everyone must learn the steps necessary to dissolve the wellspring and origin of humanity’s evil propensity, allowing behavior to flow from the original nature, giving rise to truth, beauty, and goodness. When this happens, God will be freed from the grief He has endured throughout human history, seeing his children suffer, and all people will be freed from what is falsely felt as the irresistible strength of sin and evil. The Divine Principle describes the restoration and liberation of the original nature as having two parts. One part is following the way of life that leads to the dissolution of fallen nature, by faith in God and practicing love for one’s enemy. This is to fulfill a responsibility to reverse the process of the human fall and separate from Satan‘s influence. The other part requires the removal of original sin by undergoing rebirth through the Messiah.

Reclaiming God’s ideal—the Last Days

God seeks to move history in the direction of greater goodness (indeed, to the complete triumph of loving goodness). Divinely-inspired and God-filled teachers such as JesusMuhammadBuddhaConfucius, and many others, appear periodically according to God’s providential time table. Each has a specific mission to lead a portion of humanity in the right direction. The religions they founded guide human beings on the way of restoration, as the commandments to obey God and love one’s neighbor are universal to all religions. Nevertheless, God and all people await the day when each person can fully resist evil at will under their own power. This requires the advent of the Messiah. Sun Myung Moon feels that the mission he received from Jesus in 1935, when he was 15 years old, is to fulfill that messianic calling—to sever each person from the root of “Satan’s blood lineage” and graft each onto “God’s blood lineage,” and to teach the path through which humanity can dissolve permanently the root of fallen nature.

His Spiritual Guidance: 400 Volumes of Sermons and 12 Volumes of Prayers

Reverend Moon’s teachings are also expressed in his sermons and spiritual guidance. As a rule, Reverend Moon spoke for several hours a day. These sermons are now published in more than 400 volumes of his sermons. Incredibly, he never spoke from notes; his sermons were given by inspiration after many hours spent in prayer late at night and in the early morning. Read a sample sermon below.

His Philosophical Thought:
Unification Thought: The Urgent Task of an Ideology for the Coming New Culture Centered on God

Originating in Reverend Moon’s teachings, Unification Thought expands on philosophy and ideology that is based on theism and universal values common to all the world’s major religions. Unification Thought not only presents a new perspective on classical philosophical thought but has practical application to today’s world. It would bring about a new culture centered on God, family, universal values and living for others.

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